Below you will find  a schedule for 2016/2017 of what we will work with in class. Here you will also find handouts and uploaded files. For the Course Syllabus  (kursplan) and grading criteria (kunskapskrav), please use the link below.

Monday Wednesday
 33 Course syllabus/Speed dating
 34 Diagnostic test + hand in A letter to my Teacher NA16: Lecture about the Rosetta mission/Listening exercise: speech by JK Rowling
 35 Jamaica-vocabulary Digilär-login, Jamaica-text/ur.se

English-speaking country or city

36 Words/English speaking countries Reading comprehension/English speaking countries
37 Presentations Presentations
38 readtheory.org readtheory.org
39 Presentations/ Introduction Tthe-absolute-true-tasks Presentations/Reading/Solid Ground Grammar 1
40 Vocabulary/Reading Solid ground Grammar 2
41 Solid Ground Grammar 3
42 Group discussions about the book/Writing a formal letter to Mr P.
43 Working with your letters
44 Half-term break Half-term break
45 Tests Listening/Reading
46 Competition: describing people Writing test
47 Link’s story + words Link’s story
48 Reading: Dashed Hopes + text -work+ pdfs Introduction: Essays – the discussion type
49 Vocabulary: Dashed hopes/Essay writing/Reading
50  Three-minute-presentation:  People worth knowing

An article is similar to an explanatory essay with an introduction, main body and ending/conclusion. The introduction in an article is can also be called “preamble” and is written with bald letters. Quite often, the preamble is more like a summary of the article than a pure introduction and can include some of the key phrases quoted from the main Try to use the Hemingway app, when you are writing a text.