CHAPTER 1-Aiming high

Lesson plan Challenges

  1. Speaking – challenges
  2. Lead-in p 7: discussion
  3. Skim reading + detailed read + questions to the text
  4. Vocabulary matching (+Help: Word List pdf)
  5. Language focus: Modal verbs, Collocations and Nouns (pdf 1 + pdf 2) and Spelling
    pp. 10-11 +13 + 14
  6. Writing – Formal letter, page 14 (+Help pdf Tips-for-Writing)
  7. Perhaps you are interested in listening to “sommarpratare” Johan Rockström.
  8. Global warming discussion

Johan Rockström is a Professor in Environmental Science at Stockholm University, and the Executive Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre.

In his hour-and-a-half long show Rockström gives a few words of warning regarding the consequences if we do not take enviromental issues seriously – now! 2015 is a watershed year for our planet, but also, explains professor Rockström, the year when the hope for change is greater than ever.

More listening: Test aktuella inlägg