Context 2

Chapter 1 – I’m Sorry but I’ll Have to Let You Go

Intro 1-Class discussion

Word List 1


It’ll be worth it

Language Register pdf

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Handout – plural key

Quizlet Labour of Love

Venus collides with Mars online: worksheet

Introduction to When Venus collides with Mars … online


Lgy 11 – 

Work in groups of three or four. First rank the traits (karaktärsdragen) belowaccording to how imortant you think they are in a partner. Then share your lists, giving reasons for your choices.



good attitude/behaviour

good looks


shared interests


handy around the home

popular/high status

sense of humour

Chapter 2 – Homesick

Lgy 11- Teaching in the English 6 course should cover the following core content: Living conditions, attitudes, values, traditions, social issues as well as cultural, historical and political conditions in different contexts and parts of the world where English is used.

Reception: Spoken language, also with different social and dialect features, and texts, including complex and formal texts, which relate, discuss, argue, report and provide descriptions, also via film and other media.

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Cross-cultural barriers

Vocabulary 1 – 15 words pdf

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Crossword – Laguages 

Chinese English and Chinglish

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How polite are you?

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Chapter 5