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English 6

Today we started by reading and discussing this Article about the Paris attacks. Homework for Thursday is vocabulary, which you can find here: Quizlet + you are supposed to bring an entry ticket, i.e. you should hand in a written (short) explanation with your thoughts about why some Swedish teenagers join the ISIS.

On Thursday we will continue our reading practice. By the way, our password for readtheory is:


More writing practice: Example essay topic here.

English 6

Today we worked with different things-you corrected your essays in google drive (see knowledge requirements below), wrote a complementary introduction and worked with readtheory. We will continue this work on Monday next week.

Grade E: Students work on and make simple improvements to their own communication (writing).

Grade C: Students work on and make well grounded improvements to their own (written) communication.

Grade A: Students work on and make well grounded and balanced improvements to their own communications.

Note that we will have a Reading test on Monday, November 23rd,  on lesson time.

The Writing test, which is due on Tuesday, December 1st, will take part at 8 till 10.  However, I don´t know yet, where you are going to be so I´ll get back to you.

English 6

Today we had small talks about your essays and worked with, and since I am now able to track your progress, I can see that everybody has started (at least close to everybody). Thanks for not getting angry with me, when you had to start it all over again!

Here are your introductions from last week:

Travelling will be easier …

In the future travelling will probably be easier than nowadays. With the technology constantly improving. Because of that they can build newer airplanes, that travel faster and faster. Even today you can travel to space if you have enough money. Just think in the future that these things are more common.

Football players earn too much money

It is said that football players earn too much money. An obvious example of this is that the emergency service saves lives and do not even earn half as much as the football players. The emergency service does something that matters for the community and the players just entertain a crowd of people.

It is much more fun to look at a football game, so people pay a lot for it. Therefore, the football players earn too much money.

The internet is good

Today millions of people around the world are using the internet. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are sites where you have the opportunity to meet new people. You can write and send pictures to people across the world. On top of this, people have the opportunity to get jobs.

Could-you …discussion topics, which we will work with next week.