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ENG 5 – NA16, SA16A

Hope you are not too puzzled and frustrated by your experiences in writing your letters. Only some months ago your writing was praised; now I seem dissatisfied, saying that your writing isn’t quite “there” yet, saying that the writing is “lacking something.”
You haven’t changed–your writing is still mechanically sound, your descriptions are accurate, you’re saying smart things. But I am still not happy. It is not just a matter of higher standards: Often, what I am asking of you is not just something better, but something different.
So, today, we’re going to practise some more writing:
– kunskapskrav-engelska-5-100-poang-kurskod-engeng05-1

To show the next step:
-first(ly)/second(ly), to begin/start with
-in the first/second place
-first and foremost/first and most importantly
-another, then, after, next, afterwards, third(ly)
-finally, ultimately, lastly, last but not least

TY 2/3

1. Aus welchem Grund trifft sich die Familie?
2. Wo feiern sie das Fest?
3. Wer kommt zu Besuch?
4. Erkläre den Grund für die Wut von Leo.
5. Woher kommt der Weihnachtsschmuck?


Reading practise for next week:

1. Open answers: ”Florence Nightingale”

Key to ”Florence Nightingale”

2. Open answers: The Last Expedition
Key to ”The Last Expedition”

3. Open answers/ Multiple choice: From ”One Life to Another” 
Key to ”One Life to Another”

4. Multiple choice: ”Short Texts I”
Key to ”Short Texts I”

5. Multiple choice: ”Short Texts II”
Key to ”Short Texts II”

6. Multiple choice: ”Secret Agent”
Key to ”Secret Agent”

7. Fill in the blanks/Multiple choice: ”Can Boys Do Better?”
Key to ”Can Boys Do Better?”

8. One Word Gaps: ”Word Gaps I”
Key to ”Word Gaps I”

9. One Word Gaps: ”Word Gaps II”
Key to ”Word Gaps II”

10. Fill in the blanks: ”Wallaby”
Key to ”Wallaby”

11. Fill in the blanks: ”Washington Expert”
Key to Washington Expert”

12. Multiple matching: ”Atlanta”
Key to ”Atlanta”

13. Multiple matching: ”The Royal River”
Key to ”The Royal River”

TY 4

Heute haben wir Trabiwitze und den 5A-Text gelesen und noch dazu Wörter aufgeschrieben, u.a.
der Besitzer=ägare
die Geschwindigkeit=hastighet
der Sicherheitsgurte, Sicherheitsgürtel= säkerhetsbälte
die Anerkennung=beröm

Hoffentlich schafft ihr die Wörter für morgen zu lernen.

Unten gibt es noch mehr über 9. November zu lesen:


ENG 5 – SA 16A

During today’s lesson we worked a lot with listening comprehension.

Dates for the upcoming tests:
Nov. 9th: Listening
Nov. 14th: Reading
November 22nd: Writing



Focus: Listening

Ten Journeys of a Lifetime
Ljudfil (ca 14 min/13,2 MB)

Hurricane Hunters
Ljudfil (ca 20 min/17,3 MB)

Rock Climber
Ljudfil (ca 17 min/15,4 MB)

The River Police
Ljudfil (19 min/17,4 MB)

Where are they
Ljudfil (ca 9 min/6,5 MB)

What’s My Line?
Ljudfil (ca 12 min/12 MB)


ENG 5 – SA 16A, NA 16

Wednesday Oct 19th:

  1. Task (see below): write a formal letter to Mr P, about 250 words. This task will be assessed.Model letter here and handout.
  2. Group discussion about the book.

Now we need to write about the book!
You can choose between:

  • Mr. P advises Junior to leave the reservation to pursue hope for his future. Write a letter to Mr. P from Junior at the end of the novel where he tells him whether or not his search for hope has been successful.
  • Towards the end of the novel Junior tries to convince Rowdy to come to Reardan High with him. What would happen if Rowdy agreed? Write an additional chapter for the novel that includes Rowdy’s first day at Reardan.

TY 4

Idag arbetade vi intensivt med adjektivändelser. Vi hann inte med Substantive-und-Adjektive-s-44 och därför ber jag er att göra klart denna tills nästa gång vi har lektion, onsdagen 19/10.

OBS! Ingen lektion v. 41!

Vi bestämde, att vi ska ha prov 20/10. Repetera gärna:

– adjektivets komparation, S. 24-27
– imperativ, S. 37-39
– adjektivböjning, S. 67-69